Thursday, December 6, 2012

Scrawny Minds

So here is another story that I wrote I hope you like it!

In the year 1957 a certain Wisconsin florist Arthur Locker, piped music into his greenhouses. He noted that the plants grew straighter, bloomed more plentifully germinated rapidly.While that was going on a Canadian farmer Eugene Canby found that the violin sonatas of Bach produced a crop 66% greater than the average plot. In 1960 George Smith who was from Normal, Illinois conducted a scientific experiment. The first of its kind. He planted corn and soybeans in two greenhouses after that he played Gershwin 24/7 in one of the greenhouses. Expectantly the entertained plants weighed 40% more than the musical deprived plants.
In the 1970’s Dorothy Retallack began an experiment testing marigolds and beans listing to music. She noted the plants which were listening to Brahms and Beethoven grew towards the speakers, but those listening to Fudge and Hendrix clearly grew away from the speakers. Plants plainly show disapproval. When she rotated the pots, the plants reacted in the same way; they either craved to escape or embrace the music. Thoughtfully she selected a Spanish folk tune, one version with string instruments and another with drums. The drums caused a ten-degree lean away from the speakers. Interestingly the plants that were entertained by the string instruments leaned fifteen degrees toward the speaker.
According to the testing that followed, the music of Bach had the most profound effect. The plants which were exposed to folk and country western music, showed little to no difference compared to silent groups. Jazz proved the most complex. Daily the plants grew towards the music since suspiciously they grew scrawny roots they needed a lot more water. In closing if the plants “listening” to jazz had scrawny roots, just think what it’s doing to our minds!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Seamstress By Emily (me)

So this is a story that I wrote for my new co-op. I hope you will enjoy it!

Their once was a lady who was a Seamstress and she started to make a bag to sell. Then a friend came over and said that she should make the bag be really big. So the Seamstress made the bag big. Then a bystander said that with a flap it would look awesome. So that Seamstress made a flap for the bag. Then what do you know her sister said that the bag would look really nice with two handles. So the seamstress, who was trying to please everyone, made two handles for the bag. When she was finished sewing she had a big pile of fabric that was wasted. So the Seamstress learned an important lesson:
That if you try to please everybody you will please no body.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

55371 Weather Forecast and Conditions

55371 Weather Forecast and Conditions

Mom chickened out!!

Mom chickened out.... and she was not even going to sleep out there!  she said yes in the after noon then when I was heading out to sleep out she said no there will be bugs and mice and snakes!:( And I said so what! but being the sweet and obedient daughter I am, I didn't sleep out.