Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Seamstress By Emily (me)

So this is a story that I wrote for my new co-op. I hope you will enjoy it!

Their once was a lady who was a Seamstress and she started to make a bag to sell. Then a friend came over and said that she should make the bag be really big. So the Seamstress made the bag big. Then a bystander said that with a flap it would look awesome. So that Seamstress made a flap for the bag. Then what do you know her sister said that the bag would look really nice with two handles. So the seamstress, who was trying to please everyone, made two handles for the bag. When she was finished sewing she had a big pile of fabric that was wasted. So the Seamstress learned an important lesson:
That if you try to please everybody you will please no body.